Edible Onion A Cure For The Broken-Hearted

The compilation album is an oft-abused tool of record labels and music collectives to promote the music they are releasing in a cheap and quick manner. They usually include an impressive number of artists and songs; however, most of the time, less than a handful of them are worth listening to and the packaging usually leaves much to be desired.

Here at Edible Onion, we have put together a very special collection of songs that we hope will not end up underneath your car seats, and to prove that we are serious about it, we are releasing it in a run of 1000 accordion books. Each book is made with home-made book cloth and assembled by hand. The books are printed on a beautiful, recycled speckletone paper and each one is hand-numbered. The artwork features watercolor illustrations and handwriting by Darian Scatton, who also designed the packaging.

We kept the number of songs relatively low so we could craft an album that flows well, feeling more like an actual record and less like a collective of scattered songs that don't belong together. Most of the artists on the compilation are from Philadelphia with the exception of two, and many have either appeared on our last compilation, or appeared on other releases we have done. We are very excited to bring you this collection of old and new Edible Onion artists, and hope you enjoy it as much as we do!

This is sort of out of print. We have a new version made, but we're also offering it here as a download. Download Now

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Edible Onion - A Cure For The Broken-Hearted

Released on June 15th, 2010

Out of Print


01 The Chord And The Fawn Love, Sex, And Rock 'n Roll
02 Power Animal Female Wrestler (Less Urban Version)
03 Br'er Crocus (Soft Mountain Version)
04 Still Sweet A Holiday In March
05 Brian Reichert No Cigar
06 The New Heaven And The New Earth The Book Of Floating
07 Motorcycle Maus Parsley
08 Raindrops Falling From Heaven Bloody Dick
09 Lopass Mates Hail
10 Eskimeaux Trinkets
11 Hedia Trading Caresses
12 Snow Caps Fields