Scallion & Br'er Will-o'-Wisp & Joy Split

Edible Onion presents the Will-o-Wisp / Joy split, placing together the works of Scallion and Br'er, two of the label's core artists.

Scallion is the musical project of Edible Onion founder Darian Scatton. As such, Scallion's latest EP, Will-o-Wisp, encapsulates many of the label's aesthetics. Scallion's music is imbued with the same meticulous care as Edible Onion's intricate hand-made album art. At turns wistful, melancholy and ethereal, the EP covers a vast emotional and sonic terrain with great precision. From exuberant opener "Tungsten Burner," to its mournful closing track "The Bird is Missing," Will-o'-Wisp engages the listener in an aural narrative that weaves its disparate threads with startling elegance.

Br'er's Joy EP, by contrast, follows the whims of its principle creator, Benjamin Schurr. In a sense, Joy can be considered a clearinghouse for Br'er's upcoming full-length City of Ice, serving as a summation of the band's musical tendencies to date. Joy contains some of Br'er's most accessible left-field pop and some of its harshest experimentalism. While the Joy EP jumps freely between the extremes of Br'er's signature sound, the one constant among these tracks is an emotional resonance that will alternately uplift and disturb its audience.

Edible Onion will release the Will-o-Wisp / Joy split in a limited edition run of 100 cassettes with custom made cases.

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Scallion & Br'er - Will-o'-Wisp & Joy Split

Released on May 24th, 2011

Out of Print


Side A: Scallion - Will-o'-Wisp
01. Tungsten Burner
02. Lonesome Still
03. The Bird is Mute
04. Will-o'-Wisp
05. Our Breadth Was Wide
06. The Bird is Missing

Side B: Br'er - Joy
07. Cold / River Romance
08. Emphatic Glee
09. Heavenly
10. Grieving For (William)
11. Colder
12. Let's Play!