Tadzio Queen of the Invisible

In the fall of 2010, visual artist and vocalist/violinist Mandy Katz (Geb the Great Cackler, etc.) began working out vocal melodies to accompany compositions written by pianist Ross Lipton. Lipton's compositions grew out of an interest in developing a musical structure that avoids repetition in favor of episodic structures. The two worked together to arrange a song cycle. The collaboration resulted in Queen of the Invisible, an episodic suite that inhabits the terrain between dissonance and harmony, narrative and fragmentation. After the composition process was complete, Lipton worked with Darian Scatton in further orchestrating the pieces. This process involved a revolving cast of musicians, such as Sean Ali (Upright Bass), Jeff Russ (Cello), Ben Schurr (Harmonium, Percussion), Etienne Rigo (Violin), Gabrielle Smith (Vocal, Percussion), Sam Parry (Vocal), and Darian Scatton (Harp, Bass Clarinet, Bowed Saw).

Queen of the Invisible comes packaged with screen printed sleeves and lyric inserts containing illustrations by Caroline Acheatel. Each sleeve is hand cut to reveal a copper moon beneath the forest illustration of the cover. The sleeves come in three different colors – green is pictured below.

Queen of the Invisible

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Tadzio - Queen of the Invisible

Released on October 1st, 2013

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1. Prelude
2. Small Deaths
3. Lying in the Grass
4. The Glass Sea
5. White Nights