Hallowed Bells Violet Hands

Philadelphia-based synth duo Hallowed Bells continue to expand and deepen their dreamy sound on Violet Hands, a new cassette that was released in Europe earlier this year on Paris-based Hylé Tapes and set to be released in the US on September 4th by Edible Onion.

On Violet Hands, Alison Stout and Darian Scatton explore a darker, denser sound while revealing more details of the strange and beautiful world they introduced on their self-titled debut. This time around they have added more complex beats, willful chromaticism and modular synth noise to their signature blend of rich analog washes and delicate digital textures. Their retro-futuristic sound palette and the immersive cinematic feel of their recent work has led to comparisons to Italian horror soundtrackers Goblin and cerebral electronic pop greats Broadcast.

Violet Hands is being released as a royal purple C20 cassette with hand-painted and embossed artwork on red shimmer paper. All orders come with a free download of the EP.

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Hallowed Bells - Violet Hands

Released on September 4th, 2015

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A1: Violet Hands
A2: The Empty Room
B1: Chasm
B2: Bellmetal Ore